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Safety will be our 1st priority.  Any driver, crew member or spectator seen preforming an unsafe act will be given a verbal warning.  If the same person is seen repeating this action, you will be asked to leave the property and you will forfeit your entry fee.

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1. There will be absolutely NO DRINKING permitted by any competitor prior to racing the day of the event.  If you are seen drinking by a staff member or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, you will forfeit all entry fees and you will leave the property.  Your vehicle will also be banned from the competition. 
2.  All drivers will be responsible for the actions of themselves, as well as their vehicles and ALL crew members. 
3. Fighting as well as threats toward other drivers, spectators or event staff will not be tolerated, and you will leave the property.
4.  ATV's will be allowed to be used as support vehicles only.  There will be absolutely no minors allowed to operate any ATV's unless on the race track or heading to and from the lanes. All ATV traffic should be kept to a minimum.  If a minor is seen "joy riding" on an ATV the owner of the ATV will be given a verbal warning the first time, then asked to leave if not compliant.
5.  We will have a designated "test pass" area for drivers that would like to make a test pass with their vehicle.  Any desired "test pass" must be previously approved by a staff member, and a staff member must be present at the time of the pass.  All safety gear must be in place during the pass as if it were a competition pass.
6.  Vehicles will be driven at IDLE SPEED at all times unless on the race track or test track.  There will NOT be a warning given on this infraction.  You will be disqualified from the event and asked to leave.
7.  Any race vehicle that is in the pits with the engine running shall have a capable operator in the driver's seat while the vehicle is running.  Any vehicle seen parked and running without a capable driver in the operator's seat will be given a verbal warning for the first offense and will be disqualified for any further infraction.
8.  Passengers will only be allowed with track official approval.  All passengers must have the same qualifying safety equipment as the driver.  Driver must also give a valid reason as to why they need to have a passenger ride along, and reason will be subject to validation by event staff.  There will be no "Joy Riders" allowed. Approval must be granted well in advance of the starting time for the event.  DON'T WAIT TILL YOU ARE PULLING UP TO THE STARTING LINE, or the passenger will be asked to exit the vehicle.
9.  All vehicles should immediately start "shutting it down" as soon as they reach the shutdown area, as safety permits.  If you are unsure about this rule, please ask an official before your pass.
10.  Please keep an eye out for spectators and all other pedestrians while in the pits as well as heading to the starting line. 
11.  Please keep an eye on our class lineup sheets and be ready when it is your time to make your pass.   Once our announcer has announced your truck number, you will have 3 minutes to start your truck and head toward the starting line.  If your vehicle will not start, you will have the option of dropping to the end of the class to make your pass.  This rule will only apply if your vehicle has a malfunction.  If you cannot make your 3-minute time limit due to driver error and not being ready, you will forfeit your pass.  We must be strict on this policy in order to prevent idle time for the fans.
12.  Please remove all loose materials from your vehicle prior to making your pass.  Any material left on the track after your pass will be grounds for disqualification.
13.  Please help us keep the fairgrounds clean.  Do not discard any engine or other vehicle fluids on the property.  Please put all trash in designated trash bins throughout the fairgrounds. 
14.  All participating vehicles will be subject to a vehicle tech inspection prior to being eligible to race.  Vehicle teching will begin at 2pm.  A vehicle will only be required to go through tech on the first day that vehicle is to race per event. 
15. All participants must wear a snell 95 approved helmet
16.  All vehicles must have a 5 point safety harness
17.  All vehicles must have charged fire extinguisher (with gauge) mounted within reach of driver while securely fastened in seat.

18.  All drivers must wear minimum of a single layer fire suit.  Double layer suits are highly recommended.

19.  All vehicles must have a kill switch mounted within driver's reach while securely fastened in the seat, as well as a kill switch mounted at the rear of the vehicle.  Must kill all power.
20.  Radiators, batteries and fuel systems must be securely fastened and shielded from driver in all classes.
21.  Must wear helmet shield or eye protection if windshield is not installed.
22.  All classes other than CONSISTENCY CLASS will have one entry fee and one payout per event.  Consistency class will have an entry fee each night of the event and winners will be awarded payouts each night of the event.  In the event of a partial (one day) rainout, all payouts will be reduced to 60% of full (two day) event payout.  Finishing order will be determined by the single fastest pass each vehicle made (per class) during the event. 
23.  All classes will be timed with a timing system.  In the event where a "no time" pass is made, the driver will have the option to re-run the pass immediately following the "no time" pass.  The driver will also have the option to drop to the end of that class to make his re-run pass if the re-run pass was not run immediately following the "no time" pass.   
24. In each class, the running order will be determined by a randomly selected number generator after registration on the first day.  Running order will be reversed on the second night of the event.  All late entries and Saturday only entries will be placed at the back of the running order.

If we see any unsafe tech issues that will potentially cause injury to yourself or anyone else, you will not be allowed to race until all issues have been fixed.
All vehicles MUST enter the lowest class that they are legal for.  If desired, may also enter the class directly above that class ONLY. You may enter a maximum of two fast track classes (excluding consistency class).  Fast Track classes are listed in order below...

1) stock steel or oem fiberglass bodies only
2) can cut body for tire trimming only
3) wheelbase cannot be extended (it must match body)
4) firewall can be reshaped for minimal clearance only (not removed) 
5) Headlights and taillights may be removed
1)  Must retain full uncut factory frame front to rear (must retain 2 stock cross members)
2) minimum 4-point roll cage required (open top vehicle must 6 point roll cage)
3) Rear suspension must be leaf spring (NO 4 link, 3link, floaters, or coil over’s shocks allowed.)  LEAF SPRINGS MUST BE IN WORKING ORDER AND SUPPORTING THE WEIGHT OF THE VEHICLE!!!!   LEAF SPRINGS MUST BE ATTACHED TO FRAME AT BOTH FRONT AND REAR AND ATTACHED TO THE REAR END/ FRONT END HOUSING IN THE CENTER OF THE LEAF SPRING.   Front suspension may be leaf springs, coil springs & radius arm (max 32” non-adjustable.) or ifs. Others front suspension styles permitted if oem for that vehicle only (relocation of mounting points not permitted.)
4) Leaf-springs vehicles must have a min. of (2) FACTORY STYLE leaf springs OR (1) FIBERGLASS AFTERMARKET STYLE at each corner of vehicle.  
5) Any stock style front & rear differentials allowed. Axles can be upgraded.
6) Any STOCK transfer-case allowed (no quick-change or open chain drives.)
7) Fuel cell, battery and radiator may be relocated.
8) Transmission modifications allowed including Trans brakes and electric or air shifters allowed.  Power glides allowed. (stall converter allowed)
9) 4 wheel brakes preferred, but may substitute 2 wheel brakes for one pinion brake.  -dual master cylinder required. Minimum of 3 working brakes.
10) Maximum 44” dot tires allowed.  Tire trimming and cutting allowed.
1) OEM blocks only (must have visible casting numbers).  Factory CHEVY LS style engine blocks allowed.
2) Engine must be located in approximate stock location. Firewall will dictate location (no more than 2” from center of front axle tube to #1 face of head)
3) No aluminum engine blocks unless they are factory 
4) Aluminum heads allowed.  Heads must be conventional style and factory valve angle degree for that production engine (LS engines allowed to run factory LS degreed heads)    
5) Single carb. (gas only)
6) Cast aluminum intake only (no tunnel rams or sheet metal intakes)
7) Open headers allowed
8) Nitrous, turbos, and superchargers are not permitted
9) msd ok (no mags.)


1.  Four wheel drive vehicles only 
2.  Cut or Uncut DOT or tractor tires only NO Paddle Tires
3.  No Power Adders  (NOS, Turbos, Blowers) Fuel injection and sheet metal intakes allowed.
4.  Must follow all general safety rules
5.  If vehicle has aluminum block, vehicle must have additional 150 pounds of ballast weight securely fastened to vehicle

1.  Fuel injection and sheet metal intakes allowed
2.  If vehicle has aluminum block, vehicle must have additional 150 pounds of ballast weight securely fastened to vehicle
3.  Any tire combination allowed
4.  No power adders (NOS, Turbos, Blowers)
5.  Must follow all general safety rules

1.  Any safe vehicle allowed (ATV's allowed)
2.  Entry in other classes not required
3.  Does not count toward vehicle's 2 class max
4.  Vehicle will be given 2 passes each night.  Vehicle with the closest Elapsed Time (ET) for both passes will be the winner
5.  Entries will run two passes each night with a new entry
     fee each night and also pay out both nights.

​1. Any safe frame and body allowed 
2. Any engine combination allowed
(NOS, Turbos, Blowers allowed)
3. Any tire allowed
4. Must follow all general safety rules


1. Must follow all Pro Mega Truck Series Rules
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