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BBQ Cook-Off FAQ: 

  • You can have your camper in the same space as your pit.

  • You will be parking in a gravel parking lot type space, bring any type of shade you will want.

  • You can stay the night Saturday after the event is over.

  • We do not have RV hook-ups your camper must be self-contained.

  • You can bring your camper or bbq pit on Thursday between 5:30 PM & 6:30 PM or AFTER NOON on Friday

If you have any questions we do not have covered please call/text 254-498-2020

                           2023 Riesel Lions Club’s


  1. Entry fee to main competition is $125 per team (4 person max)                                                                        and includes entry into chicken, ribs and brisket categories

  2. Side pot entry fee will be $25 EACH and categories include                                                                            “Best Beans”, “One Bite Challenge” and Chef’s Choice Meat.                                                                                     Side pots will pay 50% payback to the winner and 50% to the                                                                       Riesel Lions Club.

  3. Beans must be made from a dry bag of beans or bean mix.

  4. “One Bite Challenge” will consist of any food item prepared during the event.  Must turn in 7 individual one bite portions and may be accompanied with one chip or cracker if desired.

  5. Each team will select a “Team Captain” who will be in charge of the actions of the entire team and will be required to remain on premises the entire duration of the competition.  Team Captains will report for a MANDATORY cooks meeting at 6pm on Friday evening.  Entire teams are not required at meeting but may attend also if desired.

  6. No electric cookers or smokers allowed.  All food must be prepared on site DURING THE COMPETETION (no prep work or marinating) and must be made over an open flame or conventional wood smoker.

  7. Home made seasonings may be prepared prior to competition, but are not allowed to be put on meat before the head judge has checked off your unaltered meats

  8. Teams will be given “Turn-in Containers” with a double ticket taped to the lid for each category they enter.  Entries must be returned in the supplied container for each item and one side of the double ticket is to remain taped to the container lid while the other side is to be removed and kept by the team for identification purposes.



  1. Teams do not have to turn in meats in every category to be judged.  Teams that turn in eligible meat in each category will be judged for that category and not penalized if they do not turn in any meats for the remaining categories or side pots.  Eligible qualifying meats will consist of 7 slices of brisket for the brisket category, 7 chicken thighs for the chicken category and 7 individually cut St. Louis Style Ribs for the rib category. Ribs must be placed in the container parallel to the container hinge. Any variation of these will result in that portion of meat to be disqualified.

  2.    Contestants will be allowed to bring campers and stay the night on the fairgrounds.   We do not provide camper hook-up.  All campers will be required to be self-contained and all waste must be removed from the Lions Club facilities.


 Turn in times will be as follows:


Chef’s Choice Meat     -     Friday 8pm

One Bite Challenge     -     Saturday 11am

Best Beans                   -      Saturday 12 noon

Chicken                        -      Saturday  1pm

Ribs                              -       Saturday  2pm

Brisket                         -       Saturday  3pm


Awards Ceremony    -        4pm

Coming to town for our BBQ Cook-off and need hookups?? Check out the Brazos Trail RV Park just 5 minutes away.

*Mention that you will be in town for our event and you will get a 10% discount on their daily rate!!*

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