Riesel Lions Club Varmint Hunt

Mail Forms and Payment to:

Riesel Lions Club

P.O. Box 10

Riesel, Tx. 76682

Registration Form

Team Name ____________________

Team Leader Print: ___________________Sign:_________________
Phone Number        _________________________________________

Team Member #2 Print:  _______________Sign:________________

Phone Number                 ____________________________________

Team Member #3 Print: ________________Sign:________________

Phone Number                ____________________________________

Team Member #4 Print: ______________Sign:________________

Phone Number               ___________________________________

Side Pots
"X" beside the pot(s) your team would like to enter
   _____Heaviest Coyote          _____Heaviest Bobcat          _____Most Animals Killed
_____ Weight                         _____Weight                           _____# of Animals     
For Judges Use Only

Mtn. Lion___ Bobcat___ Coyote___ Red Fox___ Grey Fox___ Coon___